SkyWatcher Newtonian OTA


Item Name Product Image Price

SkyWatcher BD2001P-OTA f5 Newtonian D=200mm F=1000mm

The SkyWatcher 200mm paraboloidal (parabolic) mirror reflector models feature a four-arm, secondary-mirror bracket with fine supports (0.5mm thick),...


SkyWatcher BD25012P-OTA f4.7 Newtonian D=254mm F=1200mm

Skywatcher Newtonian optical tube assembly. diameter 254mm - focal length 1200mm.Features Eyepiece 2" 28mm9x50 finderRings&dovetail plate...


SkyWatcher BD30015P-OTA f5 Newtonian D=300mm F=1500mm

Super bright f 5 Sky Watcher 300mm Newtonian optical tube assembly has a 1500mm focal length.  Choose your equatorial mount here: