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Quality Comes First With Sky-Watcher Telescopes

Skywatcher is the leader of designs and manufacturer of ED-APO systems, boasting a great number and variation of telescope.

SkyWatcher offers an incredible range of high quality astronomical scopes and accessories, catering for users of all age groups and abilities, from the novice right up to the serious advanced astronomer.

SkyWatcher is known as the world's-largest manufacturer and distributor of high quality scopes. SkyWatcher have the most faithful imaging known to amateur astronomy.

 Being the prestigious global brand renowned for technical innovation, award-winning industrial design, and a reputation for high quality workmanship, they perfectly integrate modern optical technology with precision mechanical engineering resulting in designs of superb functionality, versatility and uncompromising levels of performance.

Sky-Watcher's product line-up contains sizes from 2.4“ (60 mm) up to 14“ (355 mm) aperture with manual, motor-driven or GoTo mounts. Since 2008, Sky-Watcher has been the only worldwide manufacturer of FlexTube-dobsonians with collapsible tubes, a patent-registered design.