Microscope Accessories


Microscopes Accessories are high-quality moving images.

Microscope Accessories are soft imaging software that allows to captured.

From checking the behavior of mechanisms on a production line to analyzing moving targets in research tests, the reliability of Microscopes Accessories are captures with high speed motion in a variety of situations.

Item Name Product Image Price

3 Mega Pixel Great-Quality Moving Images Eyepiece For Microscope

The new Mega Pixel Digital Camera Eyepiece Microscopes are one of the most 3 way to upgrade just about any stereo or compound into a Digital...

Max: 7

5 Mega Pixel Maximum Size Image Camera For Microscopes

The Digital Camera Eyepiece 5 megapixel microscopes are completely integrated into the imaging software that has been specially developed for the...


Rapidly Advancing Technology Digital Imager For Microscopes

The Digital Imager For Microscopes, Digital Camera Eyepiece, also available in 3 and 5 megapixel versions with   high speed and easy...
Rapidly Advancing Technology Digital Imager For Microscopes $249.00