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Bushnell Trail Camera Efficiency & Outanding Great-Performance Bushnell Products From Australia

The Trail Cameras (11-9455C) are small enough but fit in your palm, and packed with technology that will put your hands. Along with efficiency of space carry a whole fleet of this Bushnell Trail Camera (11-9455C) to your hunting grounds in a day pack, the battery life and trigger speed are among the Bushnell Trail Cameras are the best in the world today. The products are with the of ideal choice for any also protects from all weather during observing sessions.The products with a mildot or other range finding reticle in it, the choices are fairly limited. The products are exactly brightness and very popular products.

The Bushnell Trail Cameras (11-9455C) are the revolutionize industry, the small wonder, on steroids. Along with efficiency of space, an astounding one year battery life and a one second trigger speed, the whole new level of performance. The Bushnell Trail Camera is the models have been upgraded from 24 to 32 night vision LED is for improved image quality after dark. The Bushnell Trail Cameras are all heightened resolution is now a selectable 3, 5 or 8 megapixels. And still featuring a PIR sensor coverage area 3x larger than any camera weve built before, Bushnell Trail Cameras are now compatible with up to a 16GB SD card for unmatched image capacity. Select up to three rapid fire images per trigger, or a 1 second to 60 minute delay. The Bushnell Trail Cameras are with the Video mode records a programmable 1 to 60 seconds of footage with enhanced resolution. Plus, an improved 2 built in viewer that gives you an instant look at what is passed by. Viewer models now have an image stamp with date, time, temperature and moon phase.

The Bushnell Trail Camera Features:

  * Color image built in LCD viewer * 3, 5 or 8 MP high quality full color resolution * Day/night autosensor * External power compatible * Adjustable PIR (Lo/Med/High) * Trigger speed one second * Trigger interval 1 sec. to 60 min. programmable * Multi image mode 1-3 images per trigger * Video length 1 second to 60 minute delay, programmable * Widescreen, VGA, QVGA Video at 20 FPS * Temperature range 5 F to 140 F * 32 infrared night vision LEDs 45 ft. range * PIR sensor is motion activated out to 45 ft. * 4 AA 8AA batteries (not included) * Runs up to one year on one set of batteries * Adjustable web belt and 1/4-20 socket * SD card slot (up to 16GB)